Degrassi: The Next Generation DVDs, Books and Videos

Degrassi: The Next Generation DVDs, Books and Videos

It's just been one disaster after another after another. That school is cursed.

Degrassi: The Next Generation brings us the latest installment of teenage life started with the popular The Kids of Degrassi Street. Rather than follow the now-adult original characters, the producers have returned to the roots of the first series and focus again on the issues and challenges of real teen life.

The constant swirl of changes between friends, enemies and significant others on Degrassi: The Next Generation lends it the atmosphere of a teen soap opera. Just like real-life, the years of high-school are a mix of happiness and disaster as the cast find them themselves in realistic situations. The show tackles many difficult subjects that a lot of the teenage viewers relate to; body image, drug dealing/use/abuse, drinking, grades, coming out, college, stress, child abuse, dating, abortion, adoption, sex and religion just to name a few. Degrassi: The Next Generation has also received praise for using real teens as the actors, rather than actors in their early to mid 20s (The OC, 90210 and others have been criticised for this).

As a new era of actors are ushered in to the franchise, several characters from earlier series reprise their roles as parents or teachers and their own plot lines intermix with that of the younger generation.

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Degrassi: The Next Generation DVDs, Books and Videos Tania from Miami on 8/Feb/2016 wrote:
This show is so deep. Love it.